Paulette Bethel


Paulette Bethel is TCK Academy's Advisor and a Global Executive Coach, specializing in Cross-Culturalism and Relationship-building...

Brice Royer


TCKID Founder
TCKworld and TCK Everywhere Facebook group admin, Non-Profit Online Media Consultant, and Social Entrepreneur... (more)


The First TCK Expert Interview Series

Have you lived outside your Passport culture and then struggled trying to fit in with people that you have nothing in common with when you returned “home”?

Are you a parent, family member, counselor, international school teacher or administrator, relocation specialist or anyone interested in learning more about meeting the needs of the expatriate family and feel like you want to learn more about Third Culture Kids (TCKs) & Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCKs)?

Join us for an engaging conversation with some of the leading TCK/CCK experts and exciting new upcomers on a variety of topics to learn more about successfully navigating the internationally mobile lifestyle. Register to get more details.

You will hear (and be able to ask questions) from experts, such as:


Ruth Van Reken - 7 Things Every TCK Should Know.
The first teleclass for TCKs.
Highly sought TCK consultant, and author of Third Culture Kids: The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds and Letters Never Sent.


Robin Pascoe – Raising Global Nomads: Parenting Abroad in an On-Demand World.

robin pascoeLearn how to preserve your family’s mental health before, during and following relocation. Identify with our child’s emotions during a move. The Expat Expert and author of Homeward Bound and the Moveable Marriage.



Donna Musil – How Can Third Culture Kids Belong? Brats: Our Journey Home
donna musil
Army Brat/ATCK, writer, director and producer of Brats: Our Journey Home.

How to be comfortable with who you are – that completely opposing ideas are valid and exist all at the same time.



Margie Ulsh - Helpful Tips for Living A Masterful TCK Life: An Engaging Conversation.
margie ulsh
ATCK and editor of Among Worlds Magazine. Lessons Learned About this Global Life as an ATCK (Adult Third Culture Kid) and the editor of Among Worlds Magazine.



Tom Query - "Where In The World Is There Comfort For My Losses?"


Learn valuable tips and strategies to deal with unresolved grief issues, trauma and other emotional impacts connected to expatriate lifestyle, with Counselor, Therapist and Grief Expert, Tom Query, M.Div, LPC.

And coming soon…

Nancy Ruth – ATCK and Senior Global Coordinator and Facilitator of Cultural Awareness International

Barbara F. Schaetti, Ph.D. – Principal Consultant of Transition Dynamics, a faculty member of the Intercultural Communication Institute and is a founding partner of Personal Leadership Seminars (PLSeminars).

Kellie Pullin and Terry Kinnard – the Emergent Coach™ and the creators of the Path to Choice Teleseminar

… and others ( more details soon).

The TCK Academy is excited about the opportunity to provide this programming. We have a lot in the planning stages and look forward to future offerings. If you have not already done so, please consider this as your personal invitation to join us for this ongoing summer series. If you have participated in one or more of this series already, we would love to have you join us again!!

Register for further official announcement and news.

"It made emotion well up in my chest and throat and I wasn't able to speak until the very end when I asked a question. "

I've never taken part in a conference that catered so narrowly to my own experience as with the third TCKid Teleconference with Donna Musil. It made emotion well up in my chest and throat and I wasn't able to speak until the very end when I asked a question. Thank you, Donna, Paulette and Brice for another healing experience, once which motivated me to begin organizing a TCK Meet-Up in my area.
- Jan, Port Moody (on TCK Academy's Teleconference with Donna Musil)


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What is a teleconference?

Teleconference are live, interactive conferences conducted over the telephone through state-of- the-art teleconferencing bridge systems. You will receive timely tips, tools, strategies and techniques over the telephone that can benefit your life immediately. All of this from the convenience of your home or office and with no travel time.


" I found that I was quietly crying much of the time"
Brice, Thank you so much for sponsoring this class. I found that I was quietly crying much of the time, and I heard tears in other voices too. I didn’t notice the tears sliding down my face until one hit the desk. Wonderful to be with so many people who get it. Thank you to all who made this rich experience possible. You are doing a great service to so many of us around the world.
-Annette R. Floystrup. Oakland, California
-- Ruth Van Reken's 7 Things Every TCK Should Know Teleclass



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How does it work?

Each Teleconference is facilitated by a host. The host welcomes each caller and asks their name and where they are from. Sessions are usually one hour long, sometimes discussion-based, and occasionally lecture-based. Just like a live seminar, students may participate as much --or as little -- as they wish.

Is this free?

Yes. You will have the option to listen on the phone or online using a webcast with no long distance charges. Fees apply to International callers which is why the free option to listen and ask questions online is offered. The teleclass is sponsored by the generous support of TCKID members.