Dr. Rachel Cason, Life Story
Dr. Rachel Cason, Life Story

: Dr. Rachel Cason, Life Story

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: I work with TCKs to encourage a more settled sense of self, one that is grounded in a full understanding of the past, but whose future is not limited by its history. Using life story interviews as a foundation of the therapeutic process, I help TCKs struggling to move forward positively in their lives to unlock past patterns of thinking and behaviours that may hold the key to a more empowered future. I offer a free, no obligation, 40 minute consultation (via Skype). Any questions, don\'t hesitate to email me!


Life Story: moving towards a settled self

During my research with adults who had highly mobile childhoods (Third Culture Kids), the life story interview emerged as a helpful technique to help ‘join-the-dots’ of histories that were fragmented both geographically and culturally. However, life histories offer similar cohesion to the narratives of people with more geographically settled histories, but who may nevertheless feel the confusion of an ‘unsettled self’.

‘Life Story’ is a tool that affords you the space to narrate your life, reflect on the patterns and themes it presents, and empowers you to move confidently into a future with a vision and clarity gleaned from a better understanding of your story.

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Dr. Rachel Cason, Life Story

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