TCK Academy Loves Third Culture Kids

TCK Academy is an online learning and education community to support the needs of Adult Third Culture Kids and the expatriate community co-founded by Dr. Paulette Bethel and Brice Royer.

We support professionals working with the cross cultural and expatriate community:

* Teachers, educators and international schools.
* Missionaries and faith ministries.
* Military and governmental organizations
* Counselors, therapists and mental health professionals.
* Authors, life coaches, small-business owners, and relocation specialists.
* Adult Third Culture Kids interested in their own personal development.

How we can help you:

* Free Downloads: Download free resources from leading cross cultural experts including Ruth Van Reken, Robin Pascoe, Dr Paulette Bethel, Donna Musil and many more.

* Free Directory: Submit your listing in our Cross Cultural Professionals directory and increase your visibility to an international audience.

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The Story Behind TCK Academy

By Dr. Paulette Bethel, Ruth Van Reken and Brice Royer

Since TCKID.com debuted in November 2007, members have been asking us, “What are some things that you can recommend to help us better understand the TCK experience?

Well, we have been listening to your concerns, and quietly in the background, we have been creating a dynamic program that we hope will excite and encourage provocative dialogue on.

We’ve gathered an impressive list of prominent leaders in the TCK and Cross-Cultural Transition community for a series of intimate and powerful conversations and teleclasses to help you better understand and make practical applications of the gifts of your lived experiences. Adult Third Culture Kids and Cross Culture Kids, Parents, Educators, Counselors or anyone else living and working within our diverse community are welcomed to join us.

We are officially announcing them with a special offer of a free 5-part series from our very own, Ruth E. Van Reken, co-author of Third Culture Kids: the Experience of Growing up Among Worlds and Letters Never sent.

We have been blown away by the response and the need for more teleconferences. My friend and mentor, Paulette Bethel, has been incredibly helpful and I’ve encouraged her to join me as a partner to kick off TCK Academy’s Expert Interview Series. She has done an incredible job interviewing some of the leading experts in the TCK/CCK community and we’re both excited to offer you these teleconferences.

The interview series is on over, but we’ll be back with more. In the meantime, keep an eye on your email for more offerings and programming from TCK Academy. You can join us here.

Brice & Paulette

TCK Academy