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Re: Interview with Robin Pascoe: Raising Global Nomads in an on-demand world

Are you a parent, family member, counselor, international school
teacher or administrator, relocation specialist or anyone
interested in leraning more about meeting the needs of the
expatriate family and feel like you want to learn more
about raising Third Culture Kids?


Just about every parent we talk to has occasional questions and some
frustration when it comes to raising children in this
internationally mobile lifestyle.


What did Robin Pascoe, author of five self help books, including: A
Moveable Marriage: Relocate Your Marriage Without Breaking It and
Raising Global Nomads: Parenting Abroad in an On-Demand World has
discovered over her career serving expatriate communities around
the world through various forms of trainings, on-site workshops,
and writing,that can help you?


Plenty. And we are proud to announce TCK Academy's 1st Expert
Interview Featuring Robin Pascoe And Paulette Bethel in the first
teleconference ever held from TCK Academy on raising Third Culture


In fact, they have so much to cover, that they will
have a 60 minutes teleconference to ensure you learn all these
important life skills.


In this interview, you will learn:


* Preserve your family’s mental health before, during and following relocation.
* Identify with our child’s emotions during a move.
* Survive the challenges of parenting while abroad.
* Maintain one's co-parenting relationship in an overseas assignment.
* Navigate parenting abroad in an on-demand world.
* Benefit from “lessons learned” through Robin’s experiences of raising children abroad.


...and there is more on the site.


This is an exciting event because it's the 1st Expert Interview
and teleconference held for TCKs and the first one on raising
children from TCK Academy.


You can ask Robin your questions live by email or on the
phone. It's like a conference but without any travel or conference
fees -- you can listen to it online or
on the phone.


And it's completely free!


Last week was the long awaited first teleclass for
TCKs with Ruth Van Reken on the 7 Things Every TCK Should Know.


Here is one attendee have to say:


"I found that I was quietly crying much of the
Brice, Thank you so much for sponsoring this class.
I found that I was quietly crying much of the time,
and I heard tears in other voices too.

I didn’t notice the tears sliding down my face
until one hit the desk. Wonderful to be with so many
people who get it. Thank you to all who made this rich
experience possible. You are doing a great service to so
many of us around the world. "

-Annette R. F. Oakland, California


You can get all the details about this teleconference at this
web page:


IMPORTANT: Please check out that page right away.
This is a time limited AND space limited event.


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